The Bangkok of Posing Sharks and Wax Statues!

After a full day of work in the middle of Bangkok, my colleague and I felt like we needed to explore. Now we like to shop, but I wouldn’t say we are addicted to shopping. We took the Bangkok sky train, that would take us back to the station where we pick our boat to the hotel.

We stopped off at Siam Paragon, one of the largest shopping malls in Asia, to check out the shops and grab a Cinnabon – yes, the simple things we miss in Africa! When we got in, we were so overwhelmed, we went to the information counter and asked if there was any touristy thing we could do. Lo and behold, we were pointed to the end of the hall and down the stairs, to Bangkok Sea Life  – an ocean exploration space right here in the mall! Now being eco-chic, I am all against having dolphins do shows for people and animals mistreated, so I asked about this and was told no creatures have encounters with anyone except their handlers and there are no such shows. So off we trotted! At the ticket counter I was asked if I would like to purchase a special double ticket so I could enter Madame Tussauds as well.  Madame Tussauds? The real one? Not a fake attempt? Hell yes!

After buying my double whammy ticket, I walked into Sea Life and spent 2 great hours in there – such beautiful aquariums, and such magnificent creatures! Everything from eels to seahorses, and sharks of all kinds! There was even an entire section on poisonous frogs – that were actually quite pretty! Then I met the shark that likes to pose lots -and show off this really scary teeth!DSCN2909

Then we walked into an area to learn more about sharks, and underneath me was only glass….with all these sharks roaming about, it was scary! But beautiful! But that wasn’t the best part of the immersion – I walked around and I found myself in a HALLWAY DSCN2903under the sea, with sharks and all other creatures swimming above my head! I stood in awe as a tiger shark just floated above! Needless to say, we stayed here for a long while!


After we left Sea Life, we had to walk through Siam Paragon, into the other buildings, and up an elevator to a very derelict looking building – apparently under renovation. The more I thought about it, the more I was sure this Madame Tussauds was fake, but I was so glad to be wrong! This was the real deal (once we were on the inside!) I could not believe how real DSCN2958all the wax statues looked – Michael Jackson’s veins even showed! So another hour gone here taking photos with all the celebrities – I was totally starstruck and so happy!

What an evening indeed – and the fact that this place is open till 9pm so you can work all day then come explore!

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