Bangkok – Being a Foodie in the Village of Love!

Fellow foodies out there! Bangkok is like the foodie dream!!! So what better way to celebrate this than combine being touristy with food! And an amazing food tour!

I did alot of research, and settled on Taste of Thailand, a company that specializes in food tours especially around Bangkok.  We had worked all week and on the day we were leaving, we had the whole day free. So what better to do then do tour and taste! I had already done the temple tour so this was really the big part left!

We met our tour guide Joker (his real name is wayyy too complicated) at the train station, and got ready to walk around for the tour.

DSCN3076First stop, sticky rice and banana wrapped in banana leaves – This has become the fast food of choice for lots of Thai people in today’s busy world!

After this we walked to Bangrak – The Village of Love. It is said that DSCN3085there is one time in the year when all couples come to get married in the village. Here we were treated to some Thai Tea – much like Indian tea, with milk, but with the unique addition of star anise and crushed tamarind, cardamom and other great spices.

DSCN3090Stop number 3 – the Curry Paste shop – a lady who makes all sorts of curry pastes fresh every morning and by 1pm is sold out! So much better than the store bought version!

Fish cutlets in tamarind sauce were next on my plate, cooDSCN3096ked in the midst of the fish market!




Part of this was also being introduced to the basic ingredients of the Thai cuisine – kaffir limes, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass, garlic.



We finally got a chance to sit down at one of the oldest dessert shops in town, Boonsap.
Most items on offer were custards, sweet balls of stuff, though there DSCN3116was one dish that didn’t really tickle my fancy – dried shrimp and custard jello!


Time for some fresh fruit – tamarind, dragon fruit and some other things I could not remember the names of!

BRD11mar16wk_9794Joker then took us to the oldest Chinese grocery store in Bangkok, where we were dared to try the Chinese health tonic and anti-ageing elixir – doesn’t my facial reaction to it say it all!


Yummy duck at Pranchak , a 100 year old establishment, followed, and by this time I was getting full!DSCN3131

DSCN3134Spicy food from a certain region tingled my taste buds but I wish I could have eaten more! Papaya salad  was awesome!

We finally ended this grand tour 4 hours later at the Royal DSCN3139Thai restaurant, actually owned by a sister of the queen, or something like that. We had the best green curry ever, as well as some exquisite ice cream and green tea to finish off.

I was so happy with this food tour – though there should be some mandatory exercise after!

Check HERE for some more great food tours around the world!




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