Livin’ the Wild Life! Harare!

Every time I travel, I do my crazy search on Trip Advisor. This time I only had 3 full days in Harare, most of which we were working. So I looked for the one thing I could do, and Wild is Life came up! This 18 year old trust rescues and takes care of orphaned wild animals.

For a (not so cheap!) fee, visitors can have an afternoon with the animals. I love all things wild so I jumped at the chance!  We were late so missed the lions being fed, but got a chance to feed the baby giraffes some specially formulated milk!

I met the tame wildebeeste Noodle, who loves hugs and rubs( and apparently boots as well!).DSCN0827

DSCN0833After that encounter, we were offered a very decadent high tea with scones, cakes, and chinaware! *Sigh*

Next came Moyo, the baby elephant who roams around the space as if he owns it, along with his best friend, a sheep! I got DSCN0858to blow into Moyo’s trunk (which ellies love by the way!) and caress him. I was very pleasantly informed that in caring for Moyo, the sanctuary reaches out to Sheldrick quite often! (Go Kenya!)

The cutest bit came with Moyo forcefully grabbing the hand of the tour guide and suckling on it as if it were a pacifier, then falling asleep!

Saying bye to Moyo as it was his bed time, we went to check out some lions, cheetahs andddd, a PANGOLIN , sadly one of the most trafficked animals in the world because of its keratin-based shell (same material as rhino horns!) Little Maraca loves her keeper, and he walks 20km a day to find her ants. She especially loves being held and cuddled like a baby!

I was privileged enough to have her come to me for cuddles!

Maraca the Pangolin!
Maraca the Pangolin!

The evening ended with Champagne and Canapes for all visitors – decadent indeed! Having cheese as the lions roared – magical!

If you are ever in Zim, I highly recommend this place!

To the wild!

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