Cheesy Days out – Browns Cheese Factory Tour, Limuru

So you just realized that for some reason this Saturday you don’t have plans – why not book a tour to Brown’s Cheese Factory! 

The price may seem a little steep (3600shs per person) and booking must be done in advance, but if you are a fan of all things cheesy like I am, totally worth it! Especially since the tour ends in a scrumptuous cheese tasting and filling lunch. I swore I would have to be rolled out to the car because I could not take another step – oh sooo full!

You need to get to the Factory by 12.30pm at the latest, where you are welcomed with cheesy delights – camembert samosas with Browns crackers, and a choice of beverages (beers, juices, or amazing lemongrass iced tea!)

Definitely happy!
Definitely happy!

The tour starts off after all guests have donned the hygiene coats and plastic shoe wraps – to ensure no contamination to the cheese making! Mozarella first – huge tubs!

The tour includes visits to all the storage rooms for the various cheeses – gouda, cheddar, parmesan….just oodles of yumm!!!

Chilli gouda!
Chilli gouda!
The mursik-inspired cheese!
The mursik-inspired cheese!




Delia, owner and manager, showed us a really cool experiment, a Mursik inspired cheese wrapped in muslin cloth. For those of you who don’t know, mursik is a traditional curdled dairy beverage from the Kalenjin community. I guess it also helped that we had an expert cheese-maker friend with us that day on the tour so we learnt a little extra!

Then after all the walking there was lunch. Now this is really what you must prepare for – i suggest a very light breakfast in the morning!

First off, cheese tasting – going from the left (softest) to the right (hardest) cheeses, and accompanied with all sorts of

Cheese tasting, left to right!
Cheese tasting, left to right!

home-made jams (onion, strawberry, etc), super bread and crackers. That is enough to just make you happy! For those who like their wine, this is when the wine and cheese melange gets very exciting!

Take a break after the cheese, and be prepared for a very filling lunch – starting off with a gazpacho  (cold soup-y thing!), we had pita bread filled with chicken and more cheese, and ended with Delia’s ice-cream (now available for sale at Chandarana and Zucchini!) – lemongrass mint was my favourite! All made from natural ingredients!

All ingredients on the farm are organic and local, so no better way to digest than a walk to the organic farm – such succulent looking chillies and other farm goodies!

And so it is time to leave…someone please roll me to the car!

For more detail on the lunches check out,22

This is a really short drive from Nairobi, so I highly recommend it for a day trip plan! Browns only offers this on Thursday through to Saturday.


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